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The monthly costs for maintaining the whole broadcast project is of a minimum of 150€. Our Internet connection costs us around 70€ a month and the other 80€ goes towards general maintenance costs (software & equipment). Of course, we can always do with additional support so we can continue in bettering the broadcasting for everyone. In fact we have just completed a major upgrade injecting 2000€ into a brand new powerful computer and screen bringing our Live Experience to an HD standard. We are eventually looking at raising an additional 5000€  (or quicker if you have some extra cash in your pocket :p) so that we can reinvest the money into 4K cameras with much better lighting capacity giving us at night, during the day or through different weather, a premium and first class clear image. You will have never felt closer to Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha :)!!!! If you wish to see this happen sooner than later do not hesitate to support the project by donating to the cause.

Monthly Donors

Claire L: 30€

Toon C: 20€


Bank name: Triodos Bank
Account name: Radhadesh Mellows
IBAN: BE29 5230 8153 7164